We collaborate with some of the best engineers to create a design unique to your building. Using high tech CAD programs, we’re able to create extremely accurate drafts that implement your design before we build it.


Our fabrication shop is located within our company, which means a seamless transition from design to fabrication. The best thing about having all of the work done in-house is that you save on costs while receiving a higher quality product.


Our handiwork will easily be transported from our fabrication shop to your property, and will be expertly installed with no hassle. We understand there are patrons and workers in your building, and that’s why our technicians work quietly and efficiently.


We specialize in HVAC sheet metal designs for commercial buildings such as hotels and offices. Our company works with a variety of metals that are popular choices, and we are able to create any design from them. Using the mechanical engineer’s specifications, our company is able to create a draft that it is attractive, functional, and possible to build. Each type of metal is different in terms of how it needs to be handled, and Triple S Air Systems, Inc. has the expertise to create professional designs and work with each one. We use only the newest CAD systems to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that everything is measured correctly.


All of our metal fabrication is done in-house with the highest quality machinery, operated by experienced professionals. Everything from cutting, bending, to assembling takes place on our own premises by employees of our company. The work is performed based on the preliminary drawings made by our design department, so nothing is being outsourced. Because every step of the process is performed by Triple S Air Systems, Inc., our work is guaranteed to be the highest quality.


Finally, we’ll transport everything we built in-house to the installation site. Our experienced tradesmen will seamlessly install your custom design without any hassle, and will be conscientious of both the safety of everyone in the building as well as a full cleanup afterwards. Your building will be fully protected from any possible mishaps, as well as unnecessary noise that may disrupt building tenants or workers. Our installations are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing, plus guaranteed to last for decades to come.


Estimates are Done Electronically with a Fast Response Time

Professional Reputation with Mechanical Engineers

CAD Drafting Department with High Speed Internet

Experienced Drafting and Coordinating

Project Manager On-Site for Every Project

Full Fabrication Shop with Experienced Tradesmen

Accurate Product Delivery and Installation by Experienced Tradesmen

High Standards We Live Up To


Our company has years of experience in drafting, creating, and installing sheet metal systems. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Triple S Air Systems, Inc. can improve the HVAC system of your commercial property.